Picture Gallery 2022-2023


Tiff presented, at the February 19th Meeting in honor of President's Day, a program of "Highlights of Selected United States Celebrations of the President's Inauguration."  

Paige, the Clough Valley Chaplain, led the DAR Memorial Service for our four Daughters who have passed away 2020-2021:

Margaret H, Sherry V, Juanita K, and Anne R.  So we could  meet in-person, the service was delayed until March 19th meeting, and also that we could invite family members of those having Memorial Tributes . 

Following Scripture and Prayer, Clough Valley Member tributes were given for each Daughter by Kathy N,  Tiffany N, Debby N, and Angela F.  The Family members attending also spoke of their Mother and/or Grandmother  and what DAR had meant to each of them. 




The business meeting followed and was lead by Clough Valley Regent Wanda L.  The Program in honor of Women's History Month was presented by OSDAR Southwest District Director Darlene West. titled "Famous and Infamous Women of Ohio" The final program and presentation was by Debby N for the Clough Valley nomination of the NSDAR Women in American History Award  given in honor of Cincinnati born actress, singer, and Animal Welfare Champion Doris Day, nee Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff.  


The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) is honored to recommend  appointment of Jenna O to the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) Advisory Committee.      Members at March 19, 2022 Mtg.

OSDAR State Meeting March 25-27, 2022 State Regent Kathy Goban Dixon, Southwest District Director Darlene Hons West and State Regent Kathy with State Vice Regent Susan Leininger.


Debby and Tiff sing in State Choir Memorial Service.  Angie F and Tiff N at a meeting.  Cindy A at luncheon and Awards

OSDAR Sing.jpg

Tiff N receives State 2nd place award for Cross Stitch.            The OSDAR Officers/Board 2022-2025


On March 29th the Nathaniel Sackett OSDAR group had a Vietnam Veteran Wreath Laying in Monroe Ohio.  Ten Vietnam Veterans received their pin, a salute, and a handshake of welcome home from the Vietnam Commemorative group, pictured are Vietnam Veterans attending the wreathe laying. Veteran in front of memorial pictured Ray N is the husband and father of Clough Valley members.  Debby N, Clough Valley Vice Regent in the Middle left of wreath represented Clough Valley at this event.

Vietnam Veteran at Monroe with Nathaniel Sackett March 29 2021.jpg

 Members at the April 16 monthly Meeting - new location           Installation of New Members by: L-R  Angie F, Wanda L 

 Lucille F, long time member, reads her monthly report.              New member (Mid with Flowers) Melinda B & Karen S,

Following meeting opportunity to welcome new members.        Debby N, Paige C and Service Dog Chapter Member.

Ramsey Paxton Cemetery Grave Marking


On May 7, 2022, our Clough Valley Chapter had a Grave Marking for Patriots John Ramsey, Thomas Paxton and "Real Daughter" Isabella Paxton Ramsey at the Ramsey Paxton Cemetery in Loveland Ohio. The day's program was planned by our CV Chaplain Paige C. along with the event partner Rob Geiger, President of the Ramsey Paxton Cemetery Association.  The Cincinnati Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), American Legion Post #256 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #5749  also participated in the parade  from White Pillars Historic Homestead to cemetery along with Ramsey Paxton family members from several states and local culminating at the cemetery. A formal Ribbon Cutting with Clough Valley Vice Regent Debby Niehaus, Rob Geiger, the 102 year old matriarch of the Ramsey Paxton family, the Loveland Mayor along with other dignitaries doing the cutting then, the beautiful wrought iron gates were opened. The patriotic groups represented had a display of organizational flags at the cemetery's front corner, and was joined by the SAR Betsy Ross Flag. A Color Guard composed of the American Legion and VFW Post marched in the 50 Star American Flag that was raised on the new Flagpole that had been gifted by these two groups to the Cemetery Association. 


The Pledge of Allegiance, singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and Invocation by Debby. The Reading of the Biographies by Clough Valley Members for Thomas Paxton by Tiffany N, John Ramsey by Stephanie P, and Isabella Paxton by Cindy A was followed by Responsive Readings and Dedication by Debby N and Paige C. The unveiling of the two markers for Thomas and Isabella by Tiffany and Stephanie completed the DAR Grave Marking and the SAR had their Grave Dedication ceremony for John Ramsey.

Wreath Laying (due to wet ground) took place near the flag display at the outer fence of the cemetery with DAR wreaths: Clough Valley by Vicki P, Cincinnati Chapter by Laura B, Hopewell Chapter by Jan M, and Lexington KY Chapter with Amelia W.  Appreciations by Debby N for attending dignitaries OSDAR State Vice Regent Susan L and State Organizing Secretary Chris N, the Missouri DAR Mary Shelby Chapter Regent along with the 4 Chapter representatives mentioned above.  Acknowledgments and gifts of natural cherry wood plaques made from cherry wood harvested from trees at site that were given to local supporting organizations with who helped over the four years. Paige C was given a cherry wood plaque for her work over the years representing Clough Valley DAR chapter. Support in donations for the 2 DAR markers, the SAR Marker, 2 granite monuments, the gates, community giving of time and money, fund raising, tree removal, landscaping, and large donation by members of the Ramsey Paxton family many who were present from Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri for this event.


The SAR Color Guard gave the musket salute along with salute by the Legion Post and VFW members, followed by the Mourn and Taps. Guest entered the cemetery to see the new markers. Ramsey Paxton family members are all seen in family navy tee shirts with the association logo.  Thank you to Clough Valley members attending Paige, Tiffany, Stephanie, Cindy, Vicki, Barb and Debby along with the day's planning committee member, our CV Regent, Wanda L and the entire Clough Valley Chapter Membership who donations made this grave marking possible.     


 Rob Geiger, Pres Ramsey Paxton   The new Association Logo highlighted    Clough Valley Mems: Barb, Paige, Debby  Cemetery Association & Paige C      by the beautiful wrought iron gates.         Stephanie - rain stopped before program 

 of Clough Valley planning mtg.

   Preparing for Grave Marking Ceremony: Markers covered, SAR Color Guard ready, Clough Valley members set up


Markers Covered

  SAR Color Guard demonstration/talk, Parade of American Legion, VFW, and Ramsey Paxton Family from "White Pillars"   

SAR Wreathe.jpg
6 (1).jpg
13 (1).jpg
50 Star Raised.jpg
Ky Wreath.jpg
SAR VP.jpg
Deb Award.jpg
Wreath Laying.jpg
Orator SAR.jpg
SAR Reveal (2).jpg
Tiff Speaks.JPG
Am Legion ad VFW.jpg

Ribbon Cutting by Rob, Debby, the 102 year old RP member, local guests.

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Above left: A NSDAR Certificate of  Appreciation was presented by Debby to Schildmeyer Family owners  Riverview Monument for "Excellence in Community Service" bClough Valley DAR for their work on the making the 2 markers for this grave marking.


Clough Valley Grave Marking Program by Paige C with  Debby, Cindy, Stephanie, and Vicki also participating in ceremony

Paige was supported in planning by Wanda L, the CV  Regent  and other members attending, Barb J and those who could not.

Grave Marker Uncover.jpg
SAR Reveal (1).jpg
Group taking pic.jpg
Sar Chap.jpg

Markers Uncovered

SAR Marker.jpg
Cherry Plaque.jpg
AWARD Plaque.jpg
Cherry Wood.jpg

Cherry Plaques-Wood  trees removed from the cemetery- Paige C received one for work. 

Rob Geiger did acknowledgment to those who had helped make this day possible giving cherry plaques to 11 groups including Paige c of CV. The SAR President and Color guard gave tribute to John Ramsey with a marker and

Thomas Paxton Grave Marker.jpg
CV T Musket Ready.jpg
CV Tiff  Load Musket.jpg
Musket Fire.jpg
Musket at Attention.jpg
Capt John Ramsey.jpg
Isabella Paxton Ramsey.jpg
OSDAR and Hopewell.jpg
Oldest Ramsey and DAR.jpg
RP Family.jpg
Catherin Thompson 102 Smucker Bday.jpg
Tiff and Me.JPG

Entry into the cemetery by family and guests at the end of the program are pictured included : OSDAR Organizing Sec. Chris N., OSDAR Vice Regent, Susan L, Hopewell DAR Vice Regent Donna, and Regent Jan, Clough Valley Vice Regent Debby, Treasurer Tiffany, and Historian elect Cindy, along with Matriarch of Ramsey Family Katherine Thompson. Bottom row group picture, finding out that Debby and Tiffany are distant Paxton relatives, they were asked to join in the family picture with their new distant Ramsey Paxton cousins May 7th .

OSDAR  Officers, Hopewell and Clough Valley Officers  with Kate

Wreaths Across America Traveling Display May 14 at Harley Davidson Lot-Fairfield Ohio with  CV member Tiffany attended. Veterans were welcomed, Families learn about the yearly December wreaths placed in cemeteries across the country in large and small resting places.  Honoring Veterans, POWs, with respect and Live greenery wreaths.

On Saturday May 21st Clough Valley members went to Springfield Ohio to see the Lagonda Chapter DAR Pennsylvania House. We held our meeting followed by a docent lead tour of the beautiful museum. Lunch was at Stella Bleu Bistro and pictures of group in front of the Madonna of the Trail Statue. Twelve Madonna of the Trail statues were placed across the United States in 1928 and 1929. The statues were a joint effort between the National Old Trails Association and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Their purpose was to commemorate the routes taken westward by early pioneers  

DAR Marker: July 4, 2003, 75th Anniversary Rededication

The 3 other sides of Statue Base: Left, Back, Right Side Carvings

2022 Debby and Mary Herrmann.jpg
2022 Cadet Captain Mary Herrmann.JPG
Vicky Colonial Cakes June 2022.jpg

Clough Valley  NSDAR Meeting  on June 18, 2022 - Eastgate, Ohio

Cadet Captain Mary Hermann received the NSDAR medal for JROTC, a NSDAR Certificate  and a Clough Valley Scholarship at Chapter June 18. Debby N,  Clough Valley Regent presented to Mary. Mary shared her very moving graduation speech with our members and her family  attended

Vicky P provided a great program on Colonial Cakes, and the history of there being used. She also baked the  recipes found in our Daughters magazine. We got to sample 6 cakes and also Debby N made the Ginger Cakes (Cookies) using the Colonial Williamsburg Recipe.  Everyone enjoyed tasting and found their favorite one.

Kathy N., a Past Clough Valley Regent did the Installation of Officers on June 18.  Pictured L.. to R.  are Angie F. Registrar, Stephanie P. Recording Secretary, Cindy A Historian, Debby N. Regent, Tiffany N. Vice Regent,  Paige C. Chaplain,  Chase the Dog Honorary member, and Kathy N. who presented each member with a flower and Key with the word representing their offices. 


Other CV Officers are Tracy C. Treasurer, Anne P. Librarian, and Candi G. Corresponding Secretary    

2022 June 18 CVDAR Installation of Officers.JPG

On July 4, 2022 Clough Valley Chapter Regent Debby N. joined the Cincinnati SAR Chapter Color Guard and Other Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky SAR representatives and Regent of the Lexington KY NSDAR Chapter in  a wreath laying and Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony at Spring Grove Cemetery for 5 new Patriots.  

The Clough Valley National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Clermont County Veterans Services for providing the Isabella Paxton Ramsey grave marker for the historic grave dedication that took place at the restored Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery in Loveland on Saturday, May 7. The restoration of the cemetery took over four years to complete and was accomplished with the help of many organizations, Clough Valley DAR, City of Loveland, and the Ramsey-Paxton family. 

Clough Valley Chapter NSDAR Chaplain, Paige Craig, accompanied by Chapter member Barbara J, presented the NSDAR Certificate to Frank Morrow, Executive Director of the Clermont County Veterans Service Commission. Frank commented, “the Commission is honored to have been a part of helping the DAR preserve the history of the Ramsey-Paxton family, the story of their participation in the Revolutionary War and the families’ contribution to the establishment of Loveland Ohio.”