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Picture Gallery 2020-2021

DAR Feb 2020 Speaker.jpg

Pat Parrot, docent  for the Cincinnati Museum Center spoke at our February 15, 2020 meeting on topic of: "Cincinnati and the Presidents". The program was educational and we learned many interesting facts about the US Presidents who had connections to the Greater Cincinnati area. Members are seen in picture to the right at our February business meeting.

DAR Members at Feb 2020.jpg
CVDAR Zoom Mtg May 2020.jpg

Screen shot of Zoom Mtg attendees for May 16th our 1st electronic meeting for Clough Valley Ladies.

Tiffany and Debby placed flags on veterans graves for Memorial Day at the Hillsboro Cemetery with the Waw-wil-a-way DAR Chapter  members.  One thousand flags were placed on May 15th to honor fallen Veterans from all wars including several Revolutionary War Patriots buried there.

Tiff and Deb Flags for Veterans Hillsbor
Debby Suffragett.jpg

Debby dressed as Suffragette presented the June program "Ohio Connections to Women's Suffrage and 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment." Powerpoint presented over Zoom Meeting format

CV DAR June 2020.jpg

Members joined in the "Zoom Business Meeting" and enjoyed the Suffrage Program in June. All enjoyed the face to face interaction and participation .

Tiff Group Shot GM July 4.jpg

Tiffany represented Clough Valley at the Wreath Laying/Patriotic Grave Marking Ceremony on July 4, 2020 at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery. This event had representatives of the Cincinnati SAR, Highlands SAR, Hopewell DAR, and Fort Hamilton CAR. Six Revolutionary Patriots are buried in this location.

Sept Bingo.jpg

Our September 19th meeting

program was presented by our teacher member Anna O'Neil  for Constitution Week. We played Constitution Bingo with all members having different bingo cards testing our knowledge of the contents of Constitution and many of the historic dates associated with it

Clough Valley Members  returned in September after our summer break of July and August.  They joined the meeting on 'Zoom' virtual platform and had the program presented. We were joined by Southwest District Director Darlene West.

Anna O'Neill

Penn House.jpg

Tiffany (front row in navy) joined the Wa-wil-a-way DAR Chapter on October 3rd visiting the Madonna of the Trails and Pennsylvania House DAR Museum  in Springfield  Ohio

October 17, 2020 Clough Valley 'Day of Service/Community Outreach'

NEST  Student Tudoring.JPG
Tiff and Deb NEST Donations.jpg
Tiff presenta Community Service Award.JP
Evangeline DeVol (2).JPG

This year our Chapter participated in the NSDAR October  'Day of Service" project and we chose to support our two Community Service Winner Organizations and collected $ donations, as well as, items off their wish/needs list for the community they serve.  Above NEST pics are of Evangeline DeVol, a student being tutored, one of the vans  used, and Debby and Tiffany with some of the food donations given by members. Tiffany presented Evangeline (seen on the computer screen) with the NSDAR Community Service Award Certificate and the beautiful DAR pin that accompanies it at our zoom meeting. We will deliver in person soon along with a check from our chapter.

NEST (Nutrition, Educations, Safety, Transformation)  Executive Director is Evangeline DeVol  who presented on how her 269 volunteers help underserved students with tutoring, homework assist, provide healthy snacks and share personal safety information. Her organization serves children in the Eastern Hamilton and Clermont County through a 5 customized vans equipped to go to the students in need.  Our chapter  ladies shopped for some of the requested healthy snack and of course lots of peanut butter and jelly.

COWM (Christian Outreach Wellness Ministry)he Christian Outreach and Wellness Ministries extends benevolent, educational, and redemptive ministries by reaching low-income residents in the East End of Cincinnati. Our regular outreach to the community includes a number of programs, including a food pantry, diabetic food pantry, wellness outreach, and social services.  We also offer seasonal programs, which include a back-to-school shoe program, Thanksgiving baskets, and a Christmas toy giveaway.  Our part-time Executive Director is the only paid employee, and we rely on dozens of volunteers to provide the services our clients need.  Started over 30 years ago get support of donations from local churches, food and clothing drives, and individuals donations. 

Jennifer Cowgill, COWM Executive Director was awarded the DAR Community Service Award though unable to attend due to the organization having a meeting with volunteers today. We had Teresa Hudson the COWM volunteer and  Secretary/Treasurer, do a talk at our zoom meeting.  Our CHapter donated $ as well as numerous food and the many types of personal care items that were on the COWM Wish/need list. Pictures show Debby and Tiffany with some of the many personal care items/food that donated by chapter members and will be delivered.


Jennifer Cowgill.jpg

Jennifer Cowgill Exec Dir.

Teresa Hudson.jpg

Teresa Hudson

Tiff and Deb COWM Donations.jpg
COWM Toy GIveaway.jpg
COWN Counseling Cubicles.png

Picture of annual toy giveaway where parent can shop for childrens' toy. THe counselors have cubicles to use speaking to clients privately. 

We had many members along with Barb, a new member and a prospective member Nikell attend by zoom to our 'Day of Service' Program and monthly Clough Valley Meeting. Our Ways and Means had 4 items and our funds from this now go to the "Daughter Helping Daughters" fund established in September for our chapter. We support members and prospects with financial needs to pay dues or assist in with funds for an application. We miss those members who could not join us today and hope you can Zoom at our November Mtg.

CV DAR Oct 17 2020.JPG
Evangeline DeVol of Nest.jpg
Tiff and Jennifer Award.jpg

Pictured Left: Evangeline DeVol standing next to one of the community classroom vans of NEST receiving her  DAR Community Service Award and presented her pin, $ donation and food donation from Debby N.,Vice Regent after the  Clough Valley October Day of Service virtual meeting .presentation. Pictured Right: Jennifer Cowgill from COWM receiving her  DAR Community Service Award and presented her pin, $ donation and  personal care items donation from Tiffany N. Treasurer  after the  Clough Valley October Day of Service virtual meeting .

On November 21st,  we had the  annual well received program of " Scrapbook of Our Patriots" presentations by members. Presenting their patriot stories this year was  Judy K. on Pvt. Seth Kellogg-MA, Anna O. on Sgt. John Emmons-NJ and Stephanie and Vicki P. on Pvt. Levin Savage-NC.  Presentations to members took place at the monthly Clough Valley Chapter "Zoom" Meeting.  

Madonna of Trails with Panellas.jpg

Vickie and Stephanie enjoyed visiting  Madonna of Trail in Springfield, OH.

Tiff and Jennifer Award.jpg

Tiffany N.,  pictured above, presented at our meeting  held on Zoom  December 5th.  She shared the story  of  " George Washington Crossing the Deleware " and how he and troops did this during a night time blizzard on Christmas Eve 1776.

Debby Dec 5 2020.jpg

Debby N presented a brief tribute to Clough Valley 60th  Anniversary. The Chapter Celebration will be held at CW Homestead  June 5, 2021.

Clough Valley Celebrates.jpg
Ft Washington.JPG
Gavel in box.JPG

The Clough Valley Gavel made from wood from Fort Washington and the Turpin Family Home Presented to  Regent E. Westerman.

Regents at 25th Anniversary.jpg

Pictured  above are eight of the the Clough Valley  Regents attending the 25th Anniversary celebration. Picture to the right are  the Ohio State Regents and Clough Valley  Regent  Anne Martz at the 50th Anniversary celebration. Pictured below is  the screen shot taken of members attending the December 5th "Zoom"Meeting where we paid tribute to the 60 Anniversary of Clough Valley.   A formal 60th Anniversary will be June 5, 2021.

40th Anniversary 1960.jpg
Dec 5 Zoom.jpg

What began in 1992 with a trailer load of wreaths, decorated by volunteers and laid at the graves of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery has now become a national organization with over 1100 participating locations - all focused on the mission to Remember - Honor - and Teach.  Clough Valley laid wreaths at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, and also at Pres. William Henry Harrison monument and John Cleves Symmes gravesite before going to Maple Grove Cemetery in Cleves, Ohio - December 19th.


 Judy B, the Clough Valley Parliamentarian, posted the ceremonial wreath honoring the Coast Guard.  All military branches were honored during the service. Bugle Call and Colors posted by the Nolan Carson Color Guard of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Remarks and welcoming to the event was  by Kerry L of the SAR.  Wanda L, Clough Valley Regent, coordinated the program and was organizer of attendees who did the the wreath laying for soldiers buried in the Civil War section of Spring Grove Cemetery. 


The first stop of three in Western Hamilton County was a wreath laying at the tomb of 9th United States President William Henry Harrison in North Bend, OH.  OSDAR Southwest District Director Darlene W. led a program attended by Clough Valley Vice Regent Debby N., her husband Ray N. and Treasurer Tiffany N.  Wreaths were laid at the staircase to the tomb with members of the Governor Othniel Looker DAR Chapter. 


We walked up the hill from the President Harrison tomb to Congress Green Cemetery, final resting place for John Cleves Symmes, who was instrumental in the Miami Purchase of 330,000 acres of land between the Great Miami and Little Miami Rivers, home of several of our chapter members.

Our final stop was at Maple Grove Cemetery in Cleves.  The two DAR chapters along with local boy scout troops and community volunteers laid 900 wreaths on Veterans graves of fallen soldiers from the Revolutionary War and all other wars Americans have fought in up to current days. A wreath laying ceremony honoring all branches of the military took place at the main flag pole.  Pictured below are Vice Regent Debby N. and her husband Ray laying Wreaths at Maple Grove along with a view of the wreaths on the graves.


The February 20th "Zoom" meeting had a program on a very special "Woman of History" who grew up in Cincinnati  and is most identified as United States First Lady Helen Herron "Nellie" Taft. This program had been scheduled for March for Women's History month but had a date change . Tiffany presented the life of Nellie from childhood to marriage to William Howard Taft. As his wife she was part of the life as wife of an Ambassador to the Phillipines,  US President and Supreme Court Justice. She is best remembered for her support of Woman's Rights, and planting the Washington DC beautiful pink "Japanese Cherry Blossom" trees around the tidal basins  that are enjoyed by visitors to the Capitol.

Helen Herron Taft.jpg
CVDAR FEB 2021.jpg

Pictured above is  Helen Herron "Nellie" Taft in her official United States First Lady portrait. Tiffany our member speaker ,is pictured above and seen in middle of larger pic with some of our members who attended our zoom meeting  in screenshot at the February 20th 2021 meeting.

Vietnam Veteran at Monroe with Nathaniel Sackett March 29 2021.jpg

On March 29th the Nathaniel Sackett OSDAR group had a Vietnam Veteran Wreath Laying in Monroe Ohio.  Debby, Vice Regent in Middle left of wreath represented Clough Valley at this event.

Screenshot (141).png
Screenshot (147).png

Sue Bradford shared history of sampler care, preservation and reproductions of the Historic Cincinnati sampler made by the Christian Waldschmidt family member Mary Turpin. 


March 2021 Program

Screenshot (144).png
Screenshot (146).png
Screenshot (145).png
Screenshot (150).png
CVDAR Mar 2021.jpg

April 17, 2021 Zoom program was "Historic Preservation of Dwellings and Household Items" Diane C. shared information on preservation historic buildings and show samples of historic household items collected and  preservation techniques used to keep these items for future generations.

Diane C.jpg

We had a  Zoom program on May  15, 2021 was presented by our Regent Wanda on the history of the 12 "Madonna of the Trails" statues that cross the United States along the National Old Trails Road from Baltimore, Maryland to Uplands, California including our Ohio statue located in Springfield, Ohio. We had orginally planned a trip to see the Ohio statue this month but due to Ohio restrictions in place, chose to have a program and try foran in person visit next year. 

Mariemont DAR 90th 5 22 21.jpg

May 22 was the Mariemont DAR Chapter's 90th Anniversary. Pictured  is their Regent Sherri S along with Clough Valley Officers Tiffany and Debby  who attended the event













The celebration started with posting of colors by the Nolan Carson Color Guard- Cincinnati SAR . The Call to Order  by the Chapter Regent Wanda L was followed with members who lead the Invocation by Kathy N, The Pledge  of Allegiance to the Flag led by Midge D, and the American's Creed by Tiffany N. 


Welcome given by Regent Wanda to Clough Valley Chapter  members and guests in attendance .  The introduction of the OSDAR  State Officers, other chapter Regents,  and special guests were introduced by the Chapter Regent Wanda.  She shared letters and emails with greetings and congratulations from Regents  and guests throughout the state who were unable to attend the celebration.


 A brief history of the Chapter's 60 years of service, recognitions and accomplishments 1960-2020 was presented by  Debby N, the 60th Anniversary Coordinator and Vice Regent of the Clough Valley Chapter.  Highlights included how the Chapter's name was selected honoring Revolutionary War Patriot Richard Clough Anderson. Other choice of names considered were Captain Abram Covalt and Reverend Francis McCormack who settled in the Virginia Military District war land grants  in and around Anderson Township where many of the original 19 Founding DAR members lived.


The  story was shared of the historic Clough Valley gavel made of combined  wood from the Ohio Logan Elm, Cincinnati Fort Washington, and the Turpin Homestead in Anderson Township. The gavel was made to honor Edith Pope Westerman, the organizing Regent of Clough Valley Chapter.  This gavel was on display along with the hand made storage box made from the gavel's three special woods. 


Chapter members who served and were honored in the NSDAR and OSDAR were acknowledged.   Special recognition was given to our  chapter's 3 past OSDAR Outstanding Junior members Carolyn M, Joyce D and Connie C who was present and shared stories of the chapter's history spanning over 50 years that she has been a member.   Other special  attendees noted were our 4 Clough Valley members who are direct descendants of Christian Waldschmidt;  mother/daughter  Kathy N, and Lucille F, along with Midge D, and Cynthia A who shared Waldschmidt family history in our history display.

We were honored by our special guest speaker the OSDAR State Regent Kathy Dixon who shared  a great program on the value of saving written memories, lest we forget. She shared news of OSDAR activities and of the upcoming 130th NSDAR Virtual Congress that will take place at the end of June.

Final remarks were given by Debby N as a walk down memory lane to experiences by our members back in 1960: top song, sports, Theater, President, TV shows, price of items such as cars, gasoline, how we communicated with dial up phone, transistor radios, and nightly news sitting near a tiny B and W or a new color TV. Tv shows ranged from the Real McCoys to Gunsmoke, Wagon Train and Andy Griffith.  Movies ranged from Exodus to Psycho. Innovations were of Xerox, aluminum cans, baby seats and artificial turf.  We learned slang of "Outta Sight" and "Hang Loose" while "Twisting" music of Chubby Checker and slow dancing to number one Elvis "Are you Lonesome Tonight" or "Its now or Never." 

Members and Guests were invited to enjoy looking at our chapter's history in the scrapbooks, pictures, stories and chapter artifacts of the gavel, proclamations and Clough Valley NSDAR Charter with the 19 Charter Members signatures along with their names.  The 4 memebers who are Christian Waldschmidt descendants shared their history and some pictures.

Guests enjoyed the celebration food and refreshments along with the beautifully decorated DAR cake. 

Tour of the Homestead, with member docents, were open to attendees.  Pictures follow of this EVENT. 

60th Leaders.jpg

On June 5th, Clough Valley  Chapter celebrated our 60th Anniversary of  Service 1960-2020 at the historic House and Welcome Center of the OSDAR Christian Waldschmidt Homestead in Camp Dennison, Ohio.




Pictured:  Debby  Niehaus,  Clough Valley Chapter Vice Regent and 60th Anniversary  Coordinator;  Guest Speaker,  Kathleen Dixon  OSDAR  State Regent; and Wanda Langdon, Clough Valley Chapter Regent



Independence Day Bunting
Independence Day Bunting
Kathy Dixon Speaks.JPG
color guard.JPG

OSDAR State Regent Kathleen Gobin Dixon, our Guest Speaker

CVDAR Wanda.jpg
CVDAR Tiff.jpg
Kathy N.jpg
Debby at CVDAR 60th.jpg


Clough Valley Chapter Regent Wanda L, Vice Regent and 60th Anniversary Committee Chair Debby N, with other Committee Members and Program Participants Tiffany N, and two of the Chapter's Waldschmidt descendants of Midge D, and Kathy N. 

Table 1.jpeg
Table 2.jpeg

A picture of Richard Clough Anderson namesake of chapter, with Scrapbooks on display highlight-ing the Chapter's 1960 formation, the NSDAR Charter with list of 19 Members, history of the Chapter's name, and of 10 and 20th Anniversary. Memorabilia along with past Chapter members and Regents pictures in press/scrapbooks with local, state and national DAR recognitions, awards, and published articles shared in display.


 along with Ohio's Logan Elm Tree

Logan Elm 1912.jpeg

Philip Turpin

Table 4.jpeg
Table 3.jpeg

 Scrapbooks of the Chapter's 30th Anni- versary celebration and the Merge of the Indian Hill Chapter with Clough Valley in 1991.   A Proclamation and Key to the City from Cincinnati awards along with the 2010 50th Golden Anniversary Event.


Reproduction of the Waldschmidt daughter,  Caroline Turpin's  Sampler was displayed by Tiffany N, who did this cross stitch piece.   Midge D, a Waldschmidt descendant, brought her family picture of Christina Turpin in her Day after Dress  worn after her wedding to Edwin Turpin. Midge is shown at the Homestead Museum with the portrait next to the case containing the dress that Christina is wearing in picture. Midge was the docent at the homestead tours in the afternoon.

Table 5.jpg

Refreshments of Sandwiches, cheese board, along with festive fruit and vegetable trays wer served to guests. A decorated Anniversary cake celebrating the Chapter's 60 years of Service was enjoyed by all.

Midge, Portrait  and Turpin Dress June 5
60th Food.JPG
CVDAR Cake.jpeg
60th 2.JPG
60th 5th with Tiff.jpg
DJ at 60th.JPG

Connie C who is standing in picture one  and seated in middle picture is our  Clough Valley 50 year + member, Past Regent, OSDAR State Junior and a wealth of chapter history. She shared stories of the early founding members and Regent along with fun facts of the past.  D J  a guest looking at our scrapbooks.

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Lucille and Kathy 60th.JPG
Cynthia at 60th.JPG
60th 1.JPG

Clough Valley members enjoying lunch and  the anniversary cake dessert  The Welcome Center tables and  decorations for the celebration were of the NSDAR patriotic theme of red, white, and blue.

OSDAR at 60th.JPG
60th 4.JPG

OSDAR  State Regent and  State Officers and  Board members were  in attendance for the  60th anniversary celebration

60th 4.JPG

The wedding dress to the right was worn by Christian Waldschmidt's  Granddaughter Christina Kugler when she married to local  family member   Edwin Turpin. Her Day after dress is also in this room. Dresses were seen in the Museum Room by those taking the CW  Homested tour.

Clough Valley members enjoyed seeing the chapter history collection, scrapbooks, displays and generally chatting in catching up due to this being the first face to face meeting since March of 2020.  Reminiscing on what happened in 1960 and where they were at that time was accompanied by much laughter in the "remembering when"  We had a great day of sun, fun, food, and celebration of "60 Year of Service" 

Turpin Wedding.JPG
Clean CWH 4 24 21.jpg

On April 24th prior to the Christian Waldschmidt Homestead opening for 2021 year ,the Home Museums,  the Welcome Center, and Gardens were cleaned and made ready for the public by about 25 volunteers from Chapters throughout Ohio. Extra efforts were needed since the site had not been opened and cleaned since May of 2019. Debby and Tiffany from CV spent over 6 hours doing their assigned areas to be cleaned and sanitized in readiness for June guests. Debby is pictured here cleaning the chandelier in the Museum room.  The Homestead was clean and bright for our June 5th CV 60th Anniversary!!

CWH June 13 2021.JPG

The 1st NSDAR Revolutionary War Patriot 250 Marker in Ohio was erected in the newly landscaped area at the Homestead by State officer on June 5th and unveiled at the official OSDAR State Marker Dedication on Sunday June 13th. Highlights included: Welcome by State Regent Kathy Dixon, presentation of the Flag flown was a gift from the Ohio Juniors Stephanie Helle, Remarks by Vice State Regent, and Chair of CWH Board of Trustees  Susan Leininger followed by final thank you and Benediction.  Ladies came with hats and umbrellas to ward off sun and rain of the day.


Attendees June 13th from Clough Valley included  Midge and Cynthia Pictures left,d Debby in middle with Tiffany on right. It was a very sunny celebration day and hats or umbrella were needed. 

PXL_20210417_191239589 - Copy.jpg
Grave Marker Hopewell.jpg
PXL_20210417_191239589 - Copy.jpg

Clough Valley's Vice Regent Debby participated in the Sons of the American Revolution wreath laying and Grave Marking at Hopewell Cemetery in Montgomery April 17th for 8 Revolutionary Patriots. Chapter Members  L-R above are: Debby N, Tiffany N and Judy K. 

Chapter gave 'Thank You for  Your Service sandwich, fruit,  & cheese trays to First Responders Fire Rescue and Sheriff in Anderson on June 5th. 

SAR Flag Day June 13th Celebration at Golden Lamb with Keynote of Joyce Lovins  as Julia Grant. Tiffany represented Clough Valley at Lunch. 


                                       130th NSDAR Continental Congress    June 289 -July 4, 2021

NSDAR Executive Board on stage with Denise Van Buren, President General in center of picture. Debby   attended all virtual sessions of Congress and used the DAR background provided for her selfie. The newly renovated DAR Continental Hall with new lay lights, President General processing down aisle to stage, and the unfurling flag.  Denise Van Buren, PG on stage with the member sponsored cut-outs.  

DAR Bd CC 2021.jpg
Process CC 2021.jpg
DVB CC 2021.jpg
2021_Rise and Shine.jpg

August 21, 2021 the OSDAR Fall Fun Fair  - Clough Valley meets the President General Denise VanBuren

Wanda Get Certificate.JPG
Wanda with Cert.jpg
D D and T  at FFF Aug 21 21.jpg

CV Regent Wanda  with NSDAR   Pres-ident General Denise VanBuren receive one of many certificates

Cindy A and Anne M.jpg
T & D Smores FFF.jpg

Debby, Denise and Tiffany with the President General along with Cindy A and Anne M are members who attended OSDAR Fall Fun Fair. Pictured right are Tiffany and Debby with donations of s'mores Kits as donation for USO Project Patriot .  Total 700 Kits were collected.

Clough Valley Celebrates Constitution Day Celebrations for week of September 17-23, 2021


ConstMiami Twsp Ctr.jpg
Const Cl Lib.jpg
Const Miami Lib.jpg
Const Union Ctr.jpg

Debby and Anna delivered NSDAR Constitution  Week Posters to three Township Civic Centers,  5 Public Libraries, and to Area School Classrooms. Pictured is delivery to some sites and poster with librarian at the Clermont Library. holding one of the posters.   

Constitution Day.png

Junior and Senior History students from Loveland HS,  CV Member Anna's class, set up lesson plans and then taught 6 elementary 2nd and 3rd grade classes about the American Constitution and shared flags, fun DAR patriotic poster, pencils, and props provided by Clough Valley's Adopt a Classroom. Elementary pic blurred  identity, HS with permission on media.

Const Glen Spann.jpg
CV Const 9 18 21.jpg

Professor Glen Spann spoke on the Constitution at our planned joint Sept. Zoom Meeting with the Cincinnati  DAR Chapter.

Hellen Taft Woman of History 2021.jpg

In 2021 Clough Valley the Chapter nominated and had national approval of the "Women of American History (WOAH) Award" for recognition of  First Lady and the Wife of  President William Howard Taft, Helen "Nellie" Herron Taft. Mrs. Taft is honored at the Presidential Home /Museum in  Cincinnati.

Pictured here L to R: CV Tiffany, Regional Museum/ National Park (NP) Superin-

tendent  Reginald Stewart and Vice Regent Debby seen presenting the  WOAH Medal and Certificate.  Due to Covid restrictions both will be presented to the family by NP at a later date.

Visible in picture is the mural of Helen Taft at her section of the Taft Museum.

Clough Valley Celebrates National Day of Service October 2021 with Community Service Award to Keith Maupin, Director of the Yellow Ribbon Support Center for service to American Service personnel both overseas and stateside deployment. Provides college scholarships to family members of soldiers/veterans. Jenna and Tiffany presented the pin and certificate to Keith as well as collection of bags of toiletries, and care package items from his list for shipment to soldiers valued over $300 and a monetary award of $200 toward his service projects from our CV chapter.

Tiff and Jenna Present Keith CSA.jpg
Jenna and Keith Yellow Ribbon donation of toiletries and $200.00.jpg
Judy Crawford with SA Dolls.jpg
Keith Speaks.jpg
CV Group Oct.jpg
CV Group Oct.jpg

Judy C., Bev B. , Suzette V., and Vicki P. dressed dolls and bears for the

Annual entry into the Salvation Army Christmas Toy giveaway as seen

in picture to the right above.  Members happy to be face to face at the

October 16th Meeting. Below are pics of our other Day of  Service Proj-

ject in collecting for needy woman Veteran Lisa, having her baby this month without baby furnishings or baby care items.  Jenna worked with the VA care nurse Connie to get 2 car loads of donated items including a bed, car seat, stroller, high chair, clothes (infant-toddler), diapers and wipes. Pictured center:Nurse Connie in navy scrubs, Member Jenna O and Candi G with  Veteran Lisa in hoodie/mask.

Jenna with Veteran Lisa.jpg
Car loaded to ceiling with baby and mother items.jpg
Lisa with Connie (VA) Jenna, and Candi.JPG
Jenna with car seat.jpg
Jenna, Candi and Furniture.jpg
Candi, Lisa, Jenna and COnnie with items.jpg
Car full of Baby Items.jpg

Docent for a Day  at Christian Waldschmidt Homestead October 17 - Left; Tiffany N, Pic Middle; with 

DJ V, Stacy K, Cynthia A;  and the Right is Debby N. We gave  time and shared Homestead History  

Tiff at DFD CWH Oct 17 2021.JPG
DJ Stacy K nd Cynthia A DFD at CWH Oct 2021.JPG
Deb DFD at CWH Oct 17.JPG

Members Tiffany and Debby joined the Cincinnati Chapter in touring the DAR Pennsylvania House Museum and the Spingfield, Ohio "Madonna of the Trail" Statue on the National Highway. Clough Valley chapter are scheduled to do this tour and have our meeting in Springfield in May of 2022.

Tiff Penn House Nov 2021.JPG
Deb Penn House Nov 2021.JPG
D and T at Madonna of the Trail Nov 14 2021.jpg

Each November our program is "Scrapbook of Our Patriots," with 2-4 members sharing stories of their Patriot's life, Service in the Revolution, family, and other facts of personal interest of their relative. This year  Anne M, who has 14 proven DAR Patriots, shared their life stories of some of her Patriots.

                                                                                  Chapter members enjoy having meeting at new facility.

Anne M Nov 2021.jpg
Anne at Nov CVDAR.jpg

December's meeting found us enjoying a historical presentation of musical instruments with a fun sing along of old Christmas carols and Folk songs lead by Our member Paula. She showed us the instruments, told the history and then to our delight we heard her play the original wooden hammer dulcimer, the modern strummed instrument also called a dulcimer, and the always popular banjo.  

Dec 1.jpg
Dec 2.jpg
Dec 3.jpg
Paula A.jpg
Paula B.jpg
Paula C.jpg
Paula D.jpg

Wreaths Across America 2021 that took place at Spring Grove Cemetery December 18th. The day was organized by Regent Wanda Langdon of the Clough Valley Chapter.  The members of Nolan Carson Color Guard of Cincinnati Chapter SAR in revolutionary war uniforms posted the colors. We were joined this year by our sister DAR Chapters of Cincinnati and Mariemont. In addition ,the program had some speakers from the 12 other patriotic and community organized groups participating in the wreath laying this year. We had a large attendance and the rain held off for this meaningful day. 

Clough Valley: Diane, Debby, Wanda, Tiff Judy, and Debra. Row 2 Cindy and Angie

Over 700 wreaths were laid 0n the Civil War graves, as well as wreaths taken to Soldiers of Revolution site

Above are veterans from all service branches who served in different wars and participated in the wreath laying and recognition of military branches wreath tribute. They are joined by their family members below with many ladies who are members of DAR and other service organizations. 

DSCF9690 (2).JPG

New member Installation at our Clough Valley November 23,  2021 meeting. Pictured left to Right Clough Valley Regent Wanda L; the 4 New members Melinda B, Angela F, Judith M, and Cindy A, along with Vice Regent Debby N who assisted with installation.

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